• No Freezing of Contents
• Exceptional holdover times
• Reliable performance
• Operates in low light conditions
What is Solar Direct Drive? It is actually just that, driven directly by solar. This simply means no batteries at all, not even ancillary batteries, no batteries whatsoever. The advantages of direct solar are far reaching.
Some facts about traditional battery solar systems:
  • The battery bank is expensive, whether it is a normal deep cycle bank or a gel battery bank
  • It has a lifespan. Many batteries start “dying” as they leave the production line. From there they are distributed and stocked by retailers. They can stay there for quite some time too. All this time they are slowly “dying”. When bought and installed nobody really knows how much life is left unless you have access to the original manufacture date.
  • Because batteries have so many different uses they get stolen for other purposes
  • Inferior controllers are often used which also have a further negative effect on the battery life
Some facts about our solar direct drive system with SURE CHILL® technology:
  • It’s basically plug and play
  • You install your solar panels
  • Then you run it through an isolator directly into the refrigerator
  • No need at all for batteries
  • Where do we store the energy you may ask ?
  • We store it inside the refrigerator by way of patented technology called SURE CHILL®
  • No ice packs or eutectics in the body of the unit to try and get better hold over times, just SURE CHILL®
  • This technology will ensure that you will NEVER freeze vaccines in the cabinet of our units
  • Our units also work very well in low light conditions
  • Superior hold over times of more than 10 days
Just looking at the above, Direct Solar with SURE CHILL® technology is the way to go....
Holdover time @ 32°C
(Day / Night Cycle)
>408 Hours
Autonomy @ 32°C
>359 Hours
Holdover time @ 43°C
(Day / Night Cycle)
>255 Hours
Model: ZLF100DC