ZBF30DC – Solar Direct Drive Blood Bank Refrigerator with SURE CHILL® Technology

Solar Direct Drive Blood Bank Refrigerator with SURE CHILL® Technology

Application: Blood Bank Refrigerator
WHO PQS no: (ZLF30DC) E003/055
Type of Appliance Ice lined (water lined) Solar direct drive refrigerator
Manufactured in: South Africa
Gross Volume (L) 30
Blood Bag Storage 18 x 450ml Blood bags
Hot Zone Appliance (+43°C) YES
Refrigerant R600a (CFC Free)
Min rated ambient temp +5°C
Energy Source Solar direct drive
Fuel and cycle type Electric - compression
Temperature Indicator External Solar thermometer
Temp Range 2°C to 6°C
Drawers 3
For solar direct drive units, the correct sizing of the solar panel array for a specific site is complex and critical. It must be agreed with both the appliance manufacturer and with the qualified supplier of the solar energy system at the time of ordering.
Performance Information
Autonomy Time at +43°C (Not fully Charged) >72 Hours
At a Solar Radiation Reference Period of 3.5 kWh/h/m2/day
*** Sure Chill ® Technology guarantees that blood cannot and will not freeze within rated temperatures (+5°C to +43°C)
Accessories Liquid PCM to mix with water
Optional Extras Drawers, Plywood packaging, 2 padlocks
Unboxed Dimensions (mm) (H) 1028mm x (W) 619mm x (D) 563mm
Shipping Volume 0.372 m³
Shipping Weight 105kg
Verification Report (as per ZLF30DC) 300-KLAB-15-132
Current PQS Status (as per ZLF30DC) Pre-qualified
Verification Laboratory Danish Technological Institute
Pre-qualification date 9-September-2015
Temperature Control Temperature accuracy is exceptionally high; temperature varies by less than 1°C throughout the refrigerated compartment during compressor cycling and holdover.
Spares per 10 units Compressor, IMPC151
Compressor controller, IMP152
Condenser, IMP145
Fan, IMP144
Electronic controller (thermostat), IMP012